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Troop 531 legends

Eagle is the highest rank in scouting and very few people earn it. In Troop 531, there are special awards for Legends. All of the people that have earned these awards and badges are displayed here.


Eagle Scouts:

Ian C.           September 2023 (FOUNDING MEMBER)

Jack F.          August 2023 (FOUNDING MEMBER)

Trevor L.      July 2023 (FOUNDING MEMBER)

Ryan O.        May 2023

Sam G.        April 2023

Isaiah N.      March 2023 (FOUNDING MEMBER)

Joshua C.    January 2023

Kaleb F.       December 2022

Blake R.       November 2022 (FOUNDING MEMBER)

Wyatt D.L.   July 2022 (FOUNDING MEMBER)

Caleb C.      February 2022 (FOUNDING MEMBER)


Honorary Troop 531 Legends:

Kaden Rankin (FOUNDING MEMBER)   



Troop 531 Silver Legends:

Caleb C.

Wyatt D.L.

Blake R.

Isaiah N.

Jack F.

Ian C.

Troop 531 Gold Legends:

Ryan O.                      Trevor L.        

Joshua C.                   Brayden H.

Cliff H.                         Zane J.

Connor W.                  Ajish J.

Dean F.                       Cameron D.

Elijah C.                      Remy R.

Rowan S.                     Patrick S.

Troop 531 Bronze Legends:

Ben J.                      James F.  

Brecken M.              Liam S.

Keaton M.                Colton V.

Micaiah H.                Isaac N.

Saathvik S.S.             Ramtej A.

Christopher F.           Sufjan S.

Evan W.                     Ezekiel M.

Kaleb F.      

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