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ideas for troop 531 scouts on what to put on this page (delete my text here once done):
1. pdf copies of scoutmaster conference worksheets (make this a resource page for scouts and parents)
2. our own download copies of merit badge booklets (a digital library - managed by librarian)
3. photos approved by parents showing scout activities with short stories to go with it (article...or blog).  tell our story
4. videos embedded (example parent and plc approved skits)
5. you might have to have different pages that link off of here.
6. with parent ok, look at other troop pages from other states...get ideas.
7. please have: info on current spl, pl's, aspl's and other roles....when it comes to scouts only say first name and last name intial  (example: kaden r.)
8. start a page called troop 531 is a recognition page

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