The Scout uniform helps to achieve the objectives of Scouting. The uniform by itself cannot make a good Scout or a good Troop, but its use has been proven to improve both the Scout and the Troop because it is a visible symbol of Scouting and unity. Refer to pages 20-23 in the Boy Scout Handbook. Each scout is required to have and wear, within a reasonable amount of time after joining the Troop, the following uniform items:

Class "A" Uniform

  •  Tan scout shirt with appropriate insignia and patches (Grand Canyon Council, green shoulder loops, and patrol emblem).  Worn at Troop Meetings, Court of Honors, Scoutmaster Conferences, Boards of Review and as requested. SKU: 612149

  • Troop number 531 patch**

  • Olive Scout pants or shorts. (No sports shorts, jeans or sweat pants please.) SKU: 653860 SKU: 612948

  • Boy Scout Socks. Olive drab, not white or black. SKU: 610342 SKU: 610336

  • Troop 531 Hat**.

  • Scout web belt and buckle. SKU: 606884

  • Sensible shoes or hiking boots. Socks are required.

  • Black with silver trim neckerchief**

Items for purchase not provided by the Troop are available at scoutshop.org or the local Scout Shop at: 1061 N Dobson Rd #109, Mesa, AZ 85201.  Estimated cost for the Class A Field Uniform with Scouts BSA Handbook and Protective Cover is $140.

**denotes provided by Troop 531 with paid registration

Official BSA Uniform Patch Placement Guide - click here

Class "B" Uniform**

 (worn when activities may cause damage to the field uniform, typically worn when camping or doing physical activity).

  • Troop 531 "Be A Legend" T-shirt**

  • Scout pants or shorts (jeans or other pants be worn based on weather or other conditions)

  • Boy Scout Socks, for wearing with shorts.

  • Sensible Shoes or hiking boots. Socks are required.

Uniforms and insignia are worn a certain way. The Troop Leaders and staff at the Scout Shops will be able to answer any questions you might have on where to put what badge. Inside the cover of the Handbook there are guides for badge placement.