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We are fortunate to have an excellent group of dedicated and trained adult leaders that advise and guide our youth leadership in Troop 531.  Many of our adult leaders are former Scouts and are accomplished leaders in business, government, law enforcement, airlines, construction, skilled trades, technology and engineering.  Our youth leaders are led by the Senior Patrol Leader and the Patrol Leaders. They are elected to six-month terms and the SPL then appoints the various Positions of Responsibility shown below.

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Youth Leadership

Senior Patrol Leader: Ajishveera J.

Asst Senior Patrol Leader 1: Patrick S.

Asst Senior Patrol Leader 2: Micaiah H.

Asst Senior Patrol Leader 3: Keaton M.

Bacon Beasts Patrol Leader: Remington R.

Chupacabra Patrol Leader: Arden S.

Dumpster Fire Patrol Leader: Colton V.

Merica Patrol Leader: Rowan S.

Sock Ninja Patrol Leader: Brayden M.

Starfighter Patrol Leader: Evan W.

Wohali President: Isaiah N.

Scribe: Vivek K.

Head Quartermaster: open

Historian: Isaac N.

Webmaster: Prajith P.

Chaplain Aide: Elijah C.

Outdoor Ethics Guide: Elias D.

Troop Guide: Woahli Patrol

Instructor: Brecken M.

Order of the Arrow Representative: Connor J.W.

Den Chief: Ian C.

Den Chief: Evan C.

Den Chief: Zeke M.


Scoutmaster: Seth Wilson

Asst. Scoutmaster: Justin Crowder

Asst. Scoutmaster: Juan Núñez

Asst. Scoutmaster: George Chartier

Asst. Scoutmaster: Leger Stecker

Asst. Scoutmaster: Chris Duran

Asst. Scoutmaster: Romeo Betita

Asst. Scoutmaster: Justin Witt

Asst. Scoutmaster: Morgan Darnell

Asst. Scoutmaster: Paul Skelding

Asst. Scoutmaster: Jayachandran Solayan

Eagle Advisor: Matt Sammon

troop pic.png

parent committee


Committee Chairman: Tylissa Wagner

Secretary: Sara Emani

Treasurer: Rachael Chartier

Advancement Coordinator: Kristina Crowder

Registrar/New Member Coordinator: Becky Wilson

Fundraising Coordinators: Mike Stevens, Melissa Lee

Committee Members:  Jeremy Suddreth, Jason Wagner, Elizabeth Smith, Joyce Betita, Chris Cantella, Wesley Stanfield




Chartered Organization Representative: Jess Rankin

Trailhead Youth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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