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San Diego Boating Trip

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

For the monthly camping trip of January, our troop decide to go to San Diego. We were able to get private tours on the Michael Monsoor battleship and the Midway aircraft carrier. All of the 26 boys who went got to go on a 5.8+ mile sailing trip.

The campground we used is called Fiesta Island. It is on the beach and has fire pits, tables, and a bathroom. This campground is for youth only and with permission from the rangers there. Fiesta Island is right next to Sea World. The entire island was beautiful, and we owe a huge thanks to the rangers.

The battleship we toured, the Michael Monsoor, was high-tech and computer controlled. The ship was named after Michael A. Monsoor, a navy seal who jumped on a grenade to save his friends life in Iraqi. The crew of the ship gave us a tour on the boat. Our troop is very grateful the crew.

Our troop was able to spend the night on the Midway and get some behind the scenes tours. The Midway had not had people sleep on it for 22 months. We got to go inside the command tower and navigation center. We slept on the same bunks that the people that manned the boat did. The experience was amazing and a great thing to do.

We were lucky enough for someone to let us use sail on their boat. The boat was 30ft long and had room for 7 people at once. Everybody who went on the boat got the sailing merit badge. We are very thankful to Mr. Dugal for doing this for us.

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